Oud Trat Pure Oud Oil from Thailand – 3ml


Oud Trat, a new favourite of each and everyone at Oudh.co.uk.

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Most people who are fond of pure oudhs will tell you that Cambodian oud is simply the best from all oud oils, the Crassna Oud which is the same speciaes of Agarwood trees from the Trat region of Trat also has the wonderful notes very like the popular Cambodian oudhs, experience for yourself what this Thailand Crassna Oud can offer.

Dive into a daydream with our Oud Trat as it brings you into a meditative state of peace & tranquillity. This wonderful oud oil essence from the Thailand Crassna agarwood species was distilled from an aged tree using steam distillation.

As the initial intense sweet and mild-floral notes gently diffuse, it transforms into a softer tone to reveal shallow hints of other subtle notes similar to dried figs and raisins which will astound and mesmerise the senses and soothe the soul. Throughout these top and middle notes is the majestic classical notes of tobacco and wood, the fruity element of this agarwood oil becomes more prominent especially at the drydown.

From the first inhale, Oud Trat takes an unchartered route and btakes the wearer on a fascinating journey of hidden wonders from beginning to end. This pure oud oil enchants the oud lover and is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Oud Trat will shake the core foundation of your previous held notion that only Cambodia produces the best smelling Crassna Oud.

A sample of this pure agarwood oil can be purchased soon.

Content: 3ml
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only.

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