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An Indian Oudh like no other, even those that dislike the smell of Indian Oud will do anything to inhale some of this soul evoking aroma!

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Very few people in the world have come across pure Indian Oudh that is honey sweet and irresistable, we are proud to say we can offer you the oppurtunity to become one of those select few.

How is this possible? Well it’s very simple, an Agarwood tree when infected, has parts that are very resinous and parts that are less resinous, what happens usually is that the most resinous heartwood is taken out and sold to the wealthiest buyers in the Middle East and Japan for it to be burned as an incense or to be displayed as an ornament. The less resinous part is distilled to extract the precious oil.

A distiller on the borders of India decided to keep the most resinous part of the tree over a period of twelve months from 20-30 mature Agarwood trees and later distilled it to extract the choicest Oudh oil. The most resinous heartwood of an infected tree weighs no more than a kilo, usually weighing about half a kilo.

After collecting the most expensive wood in the world for a year, the total weight came to sixteen kilos, which may seem like a lot, but once distilled only three tola’s (one tola is about 12ml) of pure unadulterated Indian Oudh was produced.

This is an Oudh oil that will be loved by every Oudh enthusiast, even those that love Cambodi, Hindi or even Borneo Oud oils. Slightly fruity, sensual, floral and honey sweet with an elegance & boldness that is a sign of ultimate sophistication. An Oud oil where you can explore its intricate nuances for hours on end, each day discovering a new and fascinating note that wasn’t apparent before.

This oil is a must for any seasoned Oudh lovers collection, a once in a lifetime opportunity for connoisseurs and amateurs alike who will attest that this is the finest Indian Oudh oil available in the world.

A review by a customer from Dubai:

“I was able to to try the sweet hindi. I’ve so far put it on twice. It has a delicately refinded smell, not fecal at all. The type of hindi, that would hold appeal with noses accustomed to western scents. It stays close to the skin and emits notes at a low register. Each sniff is received with a smoky dimension quite akin to Ajmal’s D.O. Moattaq (one from a few years ago) It’s degree of sweetness is on the other end of the spectrum, closer to hay than to honey”.

Content: 3ml or 3 grams approx.
Distillation Method: Water
Availability: 6 bottles (18ml)
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only

Polite notice: If you do not understand oudh oils please do not buy. Only buy if you are 100% sure as this is a speciality limited perfumes for oudh perfume lovers. This oil cannot be returned once purchased.

A 0.3ml sample of this oil can be purchased here.


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