Al-Hindi Qadeem 2000 – 3ml


Al-Hindi Qadeem 2000 is a clean, delicious, stellar pure oud oil thats exhudes luxury and quality.

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From a land which has given us some of the most fecal, pungent and animalic ouds, Al-Hindi Qadeem 2000 is the very definition of an anomaly. Clean. Scrumptious. Stellar. You’d think we were talking about a Cambodi oud.

Aged oud doesn’t automatically mean the best type of oud. Carefully distilled quality oud, aged into a mind-blowing olfactory gem that denotes depth, quality and charisma, that’s what you’re looking for. The majority of aged ouds give you the complete opposite, notes that last less than a minute, followed by a plain, boring scent that goes nowhere. Why? Because they were poorly made oils from the lowest grade agarwood to begin with, or have been aged really badly and have oxidized (syrupy thickness isn’t a good sign, its an indication of poor quality).

Al-Hindi Qadeem 2000 is not just an aged oud. It was a fantastic oil to begin with, perfectly aged to make it even better.

If you isolate the honeyed sweetness of Cambodi ouds, fuse it with the fruitiness of the most sumptuous Hainan ouds, then add to it the mouthwatering toffee notes of the finest Assamese ouds, and give it the soft woody and golden hay base found in the best aged Indian oudh oils. The finest notes of wild deer musk, toffee, mangoes and honey give it the unique olfactory blast that will leave you intoxicated. All the notes unite in a harmonious ensemble. leaving you craving for the next blast!

A sample of this pure agarwood oil can be purchased here.

Content: 3ml
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only.

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