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Why some perfumes don’t last so long

Perfumes are designed to provide a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance, but sometimes they don’t seem to last as long as we would like. There are several factors that can contribute to the short lifespan of a perfume.

First, skin type can affect how long a perfume lasts. Some skin types are more oily than others, which can cause the fragrance to break down more quickly. Dry skin can also absorb fragrances differently, causing them to fade more quickly.

Second, environmental factors can also play a role. Exposure to heat, light, and air can cause fragrances to break down and lose their potency over time. In addition, exposure to humidity or moisture can cause fragrances to dissolve or evaporate more quickly.

Another factor is the quality of the perfume. High-quality perfumes are typically made with higher concentrations of fragrance oils, which can help them last longer. On the other hand, lower quality perfumes often contain more alcohol and water, which can cause the fragrance to evaporate more quickly.

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  1. Hasan

    That’s right its strange how some perfumes can’t be smelt after applying but everyone else can smell it…

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