Duggat Al Oudh Cambodi by Al Haramain 100 grams

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Duggat Al Oudh Cambodi 100GMS

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Worries haunt and diffuse you away, away from the family and away from the happiness you deserve. The ghost of worries will not trouble you any more as a whiff of Duggat Al Oudh Cambodi will relax and make you feel at home. It is the dust from the most soughed & matured oudh of Cambodi that scatters the sweet aroma for the peace to behold.

Oudh, Floral, Sweet, Fruity.

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2 reviews for Duggat Al Oudh Cambodi by Al Haramain 100 grams

  1. nicolette

    I love this fragrance that I already purchased. I get so many compliments and I highly recommend this fragrance to all my friends.

  2. kobir

    It is one of my fav fragrance..
    love it’s smell….Received so many compliments till now.

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