Roses Fragrance Oil – 10ml Roll On

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Experience the allure of fresh roses anytime, anywhere with our luxurious Roses Fragrance Oil Roll-On. Elevate your senses with every application.

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The smell of fresh natural rose in a bottle, why wait for summer to inhale the heavenly aroma of rose?

Fragrances smell different on certain people’s skin because of skin chemistry and factors such as fat content, diet, and even medication. We advise all our customers to test the perfume first before applying it to the skin to smell the original scent profile, using a scent strip or an unscented tissue. If you have dry skin, your perfume will last longer if you moisturize it frequently. Remember, the warmer your body temperature, the quicker your fragrance will evaporate.

Brand: Al Aneeq Perfumes
Quantity: 10ml e
Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
Applicator: Roll on
Picture: As pictured

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2 reviews for Roses Fragrance Oil – 10ml Roll On

  1. Sara

    like this smell. What is it? rose oil scent, smells a lot like flowers. i really like this oil.

  2. noris

    Most likely aroma. It’s essential oils and aroma compounds in a base of Jojoba oil. Definitely recommend.

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