Bangladesh Oud

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This oud is 100% pure Bangladesh oud or agarwood direct from the Sylhet district in Bangladesh, agarwood trees only grow in a very small area of Sylhet that borders Assam, India.

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This oudh is 100% pure Bangladesh Oud or Aloeswood, Bangladesh is known for its tea-gardens & natural resources. Miles of amazing greenish scenery of tea gardens attract a huge number of tourists. It is a natural hilly, forest area with ox bow lakes and famous shrines. This Oudh is more or less the same as the Assam Oudh, since technically it is from the same area of the world, if there wasn’t a border.

Distilled the traditional way by soaking the wood in water for about five days and then boiling the Agarwood in a closed Deg (big pan) or a still for ten to fifteen days to extract the Oud. This Agarwood oil is genuine and hasn’t been mixed with anything else, there are no chemicals involved in the extraction process, so it is pure.

We are cheaper than everyone else as we buy direct from the people that make the oud, no middle men mean lower cost for us, which we pass onto our highly valued customers.

Content: Approx. 3ml
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only
Distillation Method: Water
Availability: 12 bottles (36ml)

This Oudh is so pure it will become solid in cool temperatures, you will need to warm slightly in direct sunlight or in a warm room with lid shut for a few minutes to revert it back to liquid form.

A 0.3ml sample of this oil can be bought as part of a sample pack here.


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