White Oudh Perfume Oil – 12ml

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Experience the allure of White Oudh Perfume Oil – 12ml. Rich, woody notes blend with delicate florals for a luxurious fragrance experience.

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This Agarwood perfume oil was first added onto our site in 2007 and we quickly sold out as it was such a popular fragrance, since this time we have been searching everywhere for the same quality White Oudh oil, but had little success in finding it from many different suppliers, but Al Aneeq perfumes now provide an even better one that we and our regular customers are extremely happy with.

White Oudh is a truly exciting fragrance, this perfume will last for hours and you will get pestered with requests for a little sample. After trying some of this pefume oil you will never look back again at Western perfumes. This perfume has some oud content, but doesn’t have the distinct oudh fragrance, as it has been mellowed down with other ingredients. Perfect for the beginner to the oudh world or the novice. This is a very addictive fragrance. This is a 12ml bottle of this high quality perfume oil, we also sell this fragrance in 3ml, please see related products tab above. If this is one of your favourite attar oils, then it is cheaper to purchase this bottle.

Top notes: fresh-spicy (cardamom, juniperberry), herbaceous (lavender, rosemary)
Middle notes: floral (rose, lily, geranium), cashmere wood, leathery
Base notes: woody, oudh, sandal, cedarwood, musky, ambery, mossy, slightly balsamic

Content: Approximately 12ml perfume oil
Bottle: As pictured
Applicator: Stick
Suitable for: Men & Women

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