Pure Musk Amber – Price Reduction on this Oil – 3ml

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This musk perfume oil has a strong sweet earthy fragrance to it and is unique to any other fragrance out there.

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The Musk Amber perfume oil originates from India and is made from Ambrette seeds. The seeds have a sweet, flowery, heavy fragrance similar to that of musk. Also known as Musk Mallow, Tropical Jewel Hibiscus, Galus Gasturi and various other names.

Ambrette is an aromatic plant originating from India. Known for its medicinal properties and its unique aroma, Ambrette has long been used as a plant-based substitute for animal musk in fragrances. It has an initial aroma that is intense, nutty and musky-floral, rounded out with nuances of clary sage, with faint notes of tobacco and underscored by the subtle, sensual notes of leather and animalic notes throughout the drydown. This Musk Amber is 100% pure.

Content: Approximately 3ml perfume oil
Bottle: As pictured
Picture: The perfume oil pictured is Musk Amber
Suitable for: Men & Women

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