Deer Musk Perfume Oil – 3ml

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Smells like pure deer musk, try it, you won’t regret it.

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Pure deer musk is obtained from a gland of the male musk deer. Since ancient times the substance has been extensively used as a perfume fixative, incense material, and as a medicine. It was and still is one of the most expensive perfume ingredient in the market. This deer musk isn’t pure, but it sure smells like it, if you’re a fan of strong perfume, then this musk perfume oil is the one for you.

Superbly contrasting nuances of amber and musk create a blend which manages to smell raw and warm, velvety and refined all at the same time. It starts off with an extremely animalic blast but after a few minutes it softens out to become a soft mesmerising musky, ambery scent, that will leave you captivated all day long.

Introductory 50% discount on this superb musk perfume oil.

Content: Approx. 3ml
Application Type: Stick
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle
Suitable for: Men & Women
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