Oudh Hindi Ma’al Attar Home Incense 50gms by Al Haramain

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Oudh Hindi Ma’Al Attar Bakhoor 50 grams, home incense to make your personal space fragrant.

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Oudh Hindi Ma’al Attar 50gms comes with a great scent kit and the perfection of a well balanced perfume set that will cater for all the needs of the user who wants more than what the ordinary user needs with life

Fragrance Notes:
Agarwood, Indian Oudh, Musk, Sweet, Floral, Fresh

About Bakhoor:
Bakhoor is a traditional incense that is widely used in the Middle East and South Asia. Made from a blend of natural ingredients such as agarwood, sandalwood, and various aromatic oils, bakhoor is known for its strong and long-lasting fragrance. It is often used in religious and cultural ceremonies as well as in homes and businesses to create a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere. Bakhoor is typically burned on charcoal or an electric burner, with the smoke and scent filling the room. It is considered an important part of hospitality and a symbol of good manners in many cultures, making it a treasured and beloved tradition.

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