Bukhoor Duggat Al Oudh Madinah by Al Haramain

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Bukhoor Duggat Al Oudh Madinah 40GMS

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Oudh Al Haramain Madinah Duggat Al Oudh 40gms – Oud Bukhoor Insence Fragrance
Tiny bits of sweet & fragrant Oudh Bukhoor, does not need to be divided.

Simply sprinkle on top of hot charcoal to burn, just splash the bukhoor on hot charcoal to start enjoying its scent!

The Arabian incense (or bukhoor) comes from a mixture of different materials such as sandalwood, agar, natural gas plants and other components of the arab nature. You often use the bukhoor to give scent to your home and provide an atmosphere of well-being.

Notes: Musk, rose and sandalwood.

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1 review for Bukhoor Duggat Al Oudh Madinah by Al Haramain

  1. pepe

    Good aroma. Sweet fragrance and long lasting. great value for money.

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