Indonesian Patchouli Fragrance Oil – 10ml Roll On

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Indulge in the exotic allure of authentic Indonesian Patchouli with our 10ml roll-on fragrance oil. Elevate your senses with this captivating aroma.

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A classic Indonesian patchouli scent from the Far East, by Al Aneeq perfumes, is more woody and smooth than other harsh patchouli fragrances. This fantastic perfume oil is high quality and long-lasting, a little of this exquisite fragrance goes a long way. With years of perfume retailing experience, we only supply the BEST quality attar or perfume oil. An earthy, musky, heavy scent that lingers well.

Brand: Al Aneeq Perfumes
Quantity: 10ml e
Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
Applicator: Roll on
Picture: As pictured

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6 reviews for Indonesian Patchouli Fragrance Oil – 10ml Roll On

  1. Mahfuz

    I love this fragrance !! Has a true Patchouli perfume and lasts for hours. Really nice and authentic; I’ve bought two for myself in the past year and one as a gift. Plastic rollerball is great for applications and an excellent woodsy patchouli.

  2. phillips

    I can honestly say this patchouli fragrance is very strong and long lasting. I LOVE this oil!! It will last all day, but become more stronger by the minute. So, GO for it!!

  3. Ella

    The scent lasts a very long time. The bottle lasts very long, too!! It is a strong perfume, I highly recommend this product.

  4. Victoria

    True patchouli perfume. I mixed this in with lotion that had some patchouly in it. It is very strong and long lasting. I have washed at least twice and I can still smell it. i like that.

  5. Aubree

    I keep in my mind this is very strong and can easily be overpowering. I put the tiniest dab on. You’ll have to experiment to get the amount you like. I LOVE this oil!! It will last all day,but become more subtle overtime

  6. greer

    This is a great scent. The scent lasts a long time … if you like patchouli.

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