Dehn el Ood Mubarak by Swiss Arabian – 6ml CPO

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Dehn el Ood Mubarak by Swiss Arabian Perfumes.

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Dehn El Ood Mubarak, derived from rich extracts of Dehn El Ood from Cambodia & Indonesia captivates the aura of festivity and happiness. The enticing fragrance packed with lingering sweet, leathery & woody notes is meant to illuminate your mood and keep you energized as you develop the warmth and spiritual bondness with your loved ones.

Top Note: Sweet
Middle Note: Leathery
Base Note: Woody

The Dehnal Ood Mubarak comes prepacked in the crystal bottle pictured. Another masterpiece of perfumery by Swiss Arabain Perfumes who have come very far in the past few years.

Brand: Swiss Arabian
Content: Approx. 6ml CPO

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1 review for Dehn el Ood Mubarak by Swiss Arabian – 6ml CPO

  1. edie

    I was very happy with the purchase, and the products received. Despite the warning provided for tester bottles, i wanted most of all, came new & sealed in original box.

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