Assam Black (Indian) Oudh

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This oudh is hundred percent pure Assam Black agarwood or aloeswood oil.

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This oudh is hundred percent pure Indian oudh/aloeswood from the Assam province in India, distilled the traditional way by first soaking in water for a few days and then boiling the Agarwood in a closed Deg (big pan) or still for a about ten days to extract the precious oil. This oudh is the best and only forms in very few of the Agarwood trees and is naturally very dark in colour. The Oudh that is extracted within the first three days is the most pure and fragrant, the Assam oud oil has been extracted in the first three days.

This oudh has been painstakingly extracted from a single mature infected, ethically cultivated Agarwood tree which has produced this high quality resin, distilled by a traditional distiller, who only works with quality trees.

If used as a perfume this 3ml (approximately 1/4 Tola – 3 grams) bottle will last for a few months with careful use, the fragrance will stay on clothing for days. Some people use this oudh for medicinal purposes, for such conditions as depression and other illnesses. It is a common belief amongst the Arabian people that consuming one drop of this pure oud will keep you safe from cancer.

It is difficult to find pure oudh oils in shops or online due to the rarity and dodgy tactics of some retailers. When we at say pure we mean it, trying is believing. Excellent as a gift or for a collection as this pure Oudh oil deserves to be kept in a beautiful bottle. This oil will improve with age, the longer you keep it (in a plain glass bottle out of sunlight and in a cool place) the better it will smell, most oud connoisseur’s will store a pure oil for a number of years before using.

Content: Approx. 3ml or 3 grams
Distillation Method: Water
Bottle: Normal 3ml bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only.

A 0.3ml sample of this oil can be bought as part of a sample pack here.

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