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The new trend of Fragrance Zoning around the home for relaxation

Using our sense of smell in the form of ‘fragrance zoning’ or ‘scent-scaping’ is the new wellness trend entering our homes to differentiate one space from another – a response to the covid-19 years in which the lines between our work and home lives have grown increasingly blurry. Here is everything you need to know to start making the most of this new trend in your home in order make it easier to split work life from personal life.

What is fragrance zoning?

Fragrance zoning is the method of splitting up the areas in your home using different scents. While we’re spending more time than ever in our homes, it’s important to establish which areas are for working and which are for relaxing. As we know, scent can be an incredibly powerful sense, so filling certain areas of the home can encourage certain feelings helping you stay motivated or switch off for the day.

While essential-oil diffusers and luxurious scented candles may be the obvious home-fragrance choices, fragrance zoning uses your neurological make-up to hack your everyday emotions.

How do you use fragrance zoning?

To fragrance zone your home, you need to fill the air in each room or space with a different scent. You can do this by burning a scented candle, placing reed diffusers in particular places, or using different bakhoors/incense within each room. For your workspace, we recommend choosing a scent that evokes feelings of happiness, while your time-out space should help you wind down, switch off, and feel at ease.

Freshly cut grass, clean laundry, that first hint of spring blooms – whatever scent evokes feelings of happiness, relaxation or sentimentality, we have our 400 scent receptors to thank for our individual preferences. This means that, similarly to choosing a signature scent, fragrance zoning is a personal affair.

Fragrance zoning can also be adapted to the time of day you will be in that space to help you make the switch from one activity to the next. For example, if your living room serves as both your office and area, you enjoy personal activities, choose two different candles for the day and one for the evening. Over time, your mind will start associating those scents with the boundaries you have set.

When it comes to which scent goes in which area, the choice is all yours! But here’s a few options to get your inspiration flowing!


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