Arabian Oud is the largest Arabian fragrance retailer in the world, specialising in incense and oil perfumes. It is a prominent and trusted name with over 25 years of expertise in the production of authentic scents. The origins or Arabian Oud can be traced back to 1982 when the ambition and dedication of one man began to take form. Through his talent in the art of perfumery, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Jasser opened his first store in the old Alzal souk of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Through his passion Abdul-Aziz acquired perfection in the skill of blending exotic natural oils. His mastery attracted clientele from across the country leading to a vast increase in demand. His loyal approach to his customers led him to expand his line of business to accommodate amplified demand.  Abdul-Aziz enjoyed an abundance of enthusiasm and commitment to his profession. In his quest for perfection he travelled the world to source the finest essential oils and flowers.In the subsequent years Arabian Oud gained prestige and status becoming one of the most trusted names in its industry. Since its conception, the company has launched the opening of 480 stores worldwide. The tradition of oud fragrances has become a multi billion-dollar industry in the Middle East and Arabian Oud now opens the market to Western societies.Arabian Oud is the first Arabian company to be a member of the Fragrance Foundation UK, a non-profit making organisation that sets standards of excellence for the fragrance industry in the UK. It is also the first and only Arabian company to be registered in the Michael Edwards Fragrances of the World book.The uniqueness of Arabian Oud products is attained by the commitment to minimise chemical levels thus increasing concentrated levels of natural perfumery. Endeavours continue beyond the stage of perfume creation, however. Exceptional efforts are exerted during the design stages of packaging. Distinctive and artistically formed packages are created to reach over-all products of visual appeal.Arabian Oud takes its name form the Agarwood tree which forms the natural base for many of the Arabian Oud classic oil perfumes. It is the most expensive aromatic raw material in the world.Arabian Oud strives to reach excellence in the creation of all its products while continuing to target a broad scale of clients.

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