Pink Musk Tahara Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian – Musky, Powdery Perfume Oil 12ml


Pink Musk Tahara 12ml by Swiss Arabian

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A Romantic unisex blend (leans feminine), exquisitely refined, the scent of a rose in full powdery bloom: Pink Musk (aka Pink Musk Tahara), the perfume Swiss Arabian designed to give to the world the glamour and allure of the fragrances loved above all. A rose opening at dawn to reveal its secret. The first notes flower in solitude, then are joined by Apples with hints of Jasmine. The middle breathes with light powdery accents of Carnation, Peach and Orange Blossom. Completing the rose accord: the awakening of Sandalwood, Moss and Vanilla.

Unlike Musk Tahara, the Pink Musk leans Feminine in its composition.

Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil

Content: 12ml (Thick)
Applicator: Stick
Suitable for: Unisex
Brand: Swiss Arabian Perfumes
Picture: Colour of cap and design of bottle may vary

Fragrance notes

Top notes:
Fresh Rose, Apple

Middle notes:
Carnation, Peach, Orange Blossom, White Musk

Base notes:
Powdery Musk, Moss, Sandalwood

Safety Information
Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool & dry place.

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