Mukhalat Malaki Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabain – 30ml

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Mukhallat Maliki is a fantastic perfume oil that has great sillage and is very long lasting. 30ml of sheer bliss!

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Mukhalat Malaki, which means rich perfume essences for the nobility, is a blend of traditiional arabic perfume oils, evocative of timeless tradition. Malaki has a long lasting and lingering fragrance. The word Maliki means ‘The Royal Blend’.

A rich oriental Agarwood based Floral blend with a top note of pure Turkish Rose and a body of Indian & Combodian Agarwood. Hint of flowers, expensive Indian Amber, Spanish Saffron and a base of Woods, Mosses and Musks. Recommended for Men.

Mukhalat Malaki ‘s top notes of pure Turkish rose are enhanced with the middle notes of Spanish saffron, Cambodian agarwood, and Indian Amber. The perfume oil’s base notes are woody and musky. True to its name, ‘Malaki, the king of blends’ works with individual body chemistry to create a long, encapsulating, lingering fragrance.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Note: Turkish Rose
Middle Note: Spanish Saffron, Cambodian Agarwood
Base Note: Sandalwood

A 3ml sample of this perfume oil can be purchased here.

Content: Approx. 30ml Concentrated Perfume Oil
Bottle: As pictured
Brand: Swiss Arabian
Suitable for: Men

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3 reviews for Mukhalat Malaki Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabain – 30ml

  1. Shah

    The love of a fragrance is absolutely so personal and smells different on every single person. With that being said, I love this scent on me! The package inside the shipping box was smartly wrapped and thoughtful. Thanks.

  2. Katherine

    I like the Al Aneeq service, they always do try to please their frequenter. The packaging was excellent and tight.

  3. kalam

    like Saffron and Malaki fragrance has a long lasting and lingering.

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