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Aquilaria Crassna Pierre species is native to Vietnam. Oudh made from this tree is highly sought after and is a pleasure to use. Its diverse scent profile of rich balsamic notes, layered with wild wood, complete with a heavenly sweet tobacco & fruity dry down makes this Oudh a masterpiece in any collectors treasure trove.

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The Oud Vintense oil is a versatile and intense oudh, made from a high grade, old Aquileria tree, this oil can be used for relaxing, meditating or scenting oneself.

Delve into the much sought after scent of refined oudh with our Oud Vintense as it brings you into a rapturous state of awe and amazement. This wonderful Oud oil essence from the Vietnam Aquileria Crassna agarwood species was distilled from an aged cultivated tree using the natural water distillation method. It is very rare to find wild agarwood trees anywhere in the world now due to undiscriminate theft and logging, we are proud to say that all our oils are produced from sustainable sources without causing harm to the last remaining forests left in the world, the price of oud oil from wild agarwood trees are in the thousands for a few millilitres, be wary of buying oil claimed to be from wild sources for hundreds of pounds.

This Vietnamese Oud is chemical free and hundred percent pure unadulterated agarwood oil, it will take your mind off all your worries & stress, it is a very long lasting ood and stays on clothing for many days. This exquisite oil will make you feel clean and will fill you with fresh vibrant energy all day long.

A sample of this Oudh can be purchased here.

Fragrance notes: Balsamic, Fruity, Sweet Tobacco, Woody, Intense Oud
Bottle: Normal 3ml glass bottle, picture is for illustration purposes only.
Origin: Vietnamese Crassna

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