Attar Mubakhar Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian – 20ml


Attar Mubakhar perfume oil by Swiss Arabian.

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The opening note of this new fragrance defines an excellent punch of balsamic sweet & fresh characters filled with Bergamot and Mandarin with the heart built around rosy, analgesic powdery notes of Jasmin and shades of Patchouli & Olibalum. The base culminates into strong notes of Sandalwood, shades of Tobacco, powdery Vanilla & Agarwood.

Top notes: Bergamot & Mandarin
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmin, Patchouli & Olibalum
Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood & Agarwood

Content: Approx. 20ml concentrated perfume oil
Bottle: As pictured
Suitable for: Men & Women

A 3ml sample of this oriental perfume oil can be purchased here.

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